Monday, July 18, 2005

Going to the Chapel, Not Going to Get Married

Went along to my first Leicester wedding (which I'm told seems to be a seasonal occurence). Much fun was had with just the right number of hitches (that's 1 for those counting) and after much confetti throwing (first time I've actually seen it at a wedding) we later sojourned to Castle Park for a picnic lunch that had far, far, far too many strawberries than can possibly be healthy and generally enjoying good food, good company and good weather. Photos to appear some time in the future.

The reception later that night was a little more Goth than I was used to, but the black and red theme meant the chocolate wedding cake was fantastic. Though I think I was the only person to wear pastilles.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I caught the season opener for Battlestar Galactica's Season 2, though my ears were still ringing from the Goth music to actually hear most of the dialogue, and tried to fix my machine on Sunday. All I seem to have done is formatted my HD and my housemate's external HD and upgraded to a version of Wind'ohs that is giving a blue-screen of death and then resetting the computer.

Anyway, enough blogging for me. I'm off to Bristol to present the last of my PhD work at a conference, and I won't be back until Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

Well you know confetti is an old tradition that basically started to encourage the bride and groom to go forth and produce sprogs, as well as providing a filling meal for any passing street urchins.

I note nobody threw confetti at Big G's and I's wedding... perhaps the thought of our potential spawn frightened everyone off the idea?

Let us know how the phDing goes (and Jenna is moving to Bristol btw )

Anonymous said...

Did Gregor do any form of a 'scramble'? It's a (Scottish?)tradition where the groom throws a bunch of coins out of his sporran to all the children as the wedding car drives away.

I'm not making this up - when we were kids, we used to hang around churches when there was a wedding on so that we could get our greedy little mits on extra cash. Sometimes we made upwards of 43p. The 'scramble' thing happens in some Oor Wullie comics too, so I'm sure this isn't a delusion.

While I'm here - what's happened to Stu? Only two new blog entries in the last two weeks. I fear his blog is going the way of all blogs. Soon we'll just have links to his favourite bands sites, Star Wars flash cartoon parodies, and photos of his dogs.

Anonymous said...

I remember Scrambles too- the trick was to stand away from the other kids and look really pathetic and needy, thus guilting the groom into throwing the majority of cash at you.

I believe Stu may be commiting the heinious crime of getting a life; I'm not impressed Stu, get back on-line immediately with your tales of hilarity. And maybe a photo of Sweep.