Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's Official!

I'm dim. As part of the aforementioned lifestyle change from baggy jeans to shorts in order to prevent a heart attack at 25 in the latest heatwave I forgot to take my bank card out my jean's pocket. I didn't discover this until I was in the queue at Tescos with about £40 worth of food and £10 worth of change. Fortunately my pal Vincent Visa was there to spare me some embarrassment and they didn't need the PIN I've never learned in order to process it. It might've helped speed things up if I'd signed the back of the card however...

This is not the only thing - on Monday I'd left my security card in my lab owing to the lack of a back pocket in the aforementioned shorts.

Also work was relatively tiring today - the room is being decorated tomorrow. We found this out today. We had to move all our PCs, gear, furniture etc. from the walls and discovered we have far too much furniture, one of us is pathologically lazy and a certain someone else in the office's name means, "Son of the right-hand". A few things are making sense now.


Anonymous said...

So you turned up at supermarket, buying £40's worth of stuff, with an unsigned Credit Card which you didn't know the pin for.... and they happily sold you the stuff?

OMG =:-O

Stuart said...

Yeah, scary stuff huh? Don't worry- your money is in good hands.