Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Return of the Renders

I installed the new Daz Studio and finally reloaded my Runtime folders, finding some of my old layouts. Here's one:-
Sir Tiren Farness, Paladin and Knight of the Golden Sun

Points for guessing which famous actor I used for the face...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 6: Mighty Warriors & More

I have alt-versions of the heroes to choose which the able Ben (aka the Smurf) has painted. Many of the heroes came as duplicates in a copy of Mighty Warriors I found on Ebay (along with a Warhammer Quest Barbarian and Minotaur meant to replace the broken warrior mini).

Here it is.

Mighty Warriors is a game Games Workshop obviously made to repackage all the excess Advanced Heroquest miniatures they were left with. In this game the elf, dwarf and human warrior team up with the henchmen to take on the wizard (called the Chaos Wizard) and some skaven. You can get the rules for free here though Boardgame Geek indicates the game is somewhat poor. Might be worth a play, though for some reason you roll in the inside of the box to resolve combat.

Anyroads here are our heroes and their variants:-

It's now like playing Street Fighter 2 - if you press Button B you get the alternative colour
 Magnus the Bright, now in red, again painted by Sir Smurf of the Order of the Good Paint.
A comparison shot of the two Magnusi
This more fiery Magnus got dug out for one of our players at the last AHQ game we played, where he managed to nuke some bats into oblivion.

Somehow Magnus just isn't evil enough to be the main baddie in Mighty Warriors. Probably I'll probably replace the AHQ Wizard with an evil looking Chaos Sorcerer if I ever play Mighty Warriors.

The dwarf now has a choice of 2 colour schemes:-

The two dwarves
The Elf has the choice of wood elf or high elf colour schemes:-

The two elves - wood elf scheme and high elf scheme (l-r)
Smurf has also done some amazing work on this mini, originally intended to represent my (now-deceased) WFRP3E character:-
Warhammer Quest's Noble, ably painted by Ben (aka the Smurf).
The piece above is the Warhammer Noble, from the Warhammer Noble Pack, one of the Warrior Packs from Warhammer Quest. I'm quite interested in owning/running Warhammer Quest but despite the fact it is a more recent game to Advanced Heroquest (AHQ came out in 1989, WQ in 1995 and was supported by a lot of expansions) the price for any WQ packs on Ebay are extortionate. The main game goes for ~£150, and the expansions are even more scarce. By comparison I picked up a complete Heroquest for £25.

Incidentally if you happen to have a Warhammer Quest you want rid of, speak to me. Funnier things have happened (yes, Josh :P)...

Meanwhile, on the girl miniature front...

Female wood elves rangers
These games come with a worrying lack of female miniatures to represent the heroes.

Female elven ranger (or warrior-wizard if you will)

The above lass was bought because in our first session Naomi wanted to play the Heroquest elf (who in AHQ still is able to fight reasonably well and cast some spells, albeit with a chance of failure to balance against poor wizards who aren't allowed armour or big swords). Despite the fact I didn't have the Heroquest miniature at that point, nothing could dissuade my nearest and dearest, so after a rather confused session using the AHQ elf I decided to treat her to the above pretty mini.

Well, it is pretty in my opinion (the picture doesn't do it justice) - to be honest she's rather nonchalant about it, muttering about how since it's not a proper RPG the gender of her model doesn't matter and preferring "Drunkie", the female swordsman figure we use for her henchman. "Drunkie" is a cheap D&D mini and is called Drunkie as she bends very easily and was almost horizontal when she emerged from the game box.
The Elf Ranger's sister.
And here are all 6 of our new heroes:-
The Alternative Heroes - including 2 female elf rangers (the one on the left is Naomi's hero), an alt-mage with a fire theme, a Warhammer Quest noble, an alt-Dwarf, alt-Elf

On the dwarf front there are several new additions:-

Dwarf daemon-slayer, a guy who can't seem to get himself killed
The Warhammer Quest Trollslayer
A Dwarf Thane

Hic, be right there boss!

The above chap is to represent the dwarven brewmaster, a Warhammer Quest add-on that was published in Deathblow along time. Did I mention I want that game? (Expect a Pimp my Warhammer Quest series in 2015 at this rate).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 5: Specialist Skaven

My main problem with Advanced Heroquest was the lack of variety in the miniatures that came in the box. Aside from the 4 heroes you got 12 henchmen and 20 identical skaven. The idea being that you were 'encouraged' to buy more skaven, including the specialist skaven.

First up are the Skaven technomancer artillerists, the Jezzails and Warpfire Throwers.

A team of Jezzails and Warpfire Throwsers
The Jezzails consist of a skaven wielding an almost comically oversize gun and his assistant to hold the gun in place. These are quite nasty armour piercing fellows.

The two buddies out shooting hoops
The gun holder
The musket

Next up is the deadly warpfire thrower, a warpstone approximation of a flame thrower. Again there is a team of two to work this.

The Warpfire Teams
The Cannon
The ammo
 Then, as the adventurers progress through the Skaven lairs there is the Plague Monks.

Two Plague Monks, the one on the left is cute in my opinion if you excuse the blood.
And the Rat Ogres...

The Rat Ogres

... and their handler.
The Rat Ogre Handler, which can also double as a Plague Monk
Lastly as a bonus I got this two-headed skaven mutant:-

Mutie, mutie mutant