Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm Back...

I'm back from my conference. And I'd like to start with a brief and hard-learned tip on how to give a talk at a conference.

Take the entirety of your power point slides with you. It can be rather stressful when you plug in your USB drive to discover only 9/10s of the file were copied. Thankfully this occurred during a dry-run, but coupled with the need for an hour's worth of revisions made for a very stressful evening and morning. However after some minor heart palputations and some elbow-grease the talk went okay however.

Bristol University's Wills Hall of Residence were a very pleasant backdrop, if a little too removed from the train station for my liking. At one point I was convinced I would be taxi-less and stranded in Bristol.

I'd also like to say I won't be taking any more Midlands trains than I can help. My 2 changes became 4 changes on Monday night when some poor soul died upon the line, and I was diverted owing to this "fatality on the line" (the official speak I suppose), missed a connection and got into Bristol around 11:15pm when I was aiming for 9:30-10pm.

In the meantime it seems Screenselect - dummies that they are - have sent 3 DVDs to my old address. I was planning to cancel and had reduced my selection of DVDs to below 10, not expecting a dispatch because of that. I hadn't changed my address though - d'oh! I suspect a call to my old landlords is in order.


Anonymous said...

Hah try 12hrs worth of delays in various airports...

At one point it looked like we may have to sleep over in O'Hare and get the mornings flight to Madison!

God damn Yanks!

Stuart said...

There's got to be some irony at you being stuck in O'Hare after losing all your hare to get their in the first place without being mistaken for a terrorist.