Sunday, July 03, 2005

DVDs Ago-go

Still moving in - there are boxes strewn randomly about my room. I just hooked up my DVD player only to have to go all the way out to the car to get the remote control. I also think my PC is dying - it needs a new powerpack I suspect as it keeps resetting at really irritating junctures. I may need to take it to PC World or something.

Ironic given I've almost a PhD in Computer Science eh?

Which reminds me - I've not started by 6 pages of changes yet.

Instead I went to Nottingham today to buy some books, like Call of Cthulu the Game (finally time I owned a copy I figured), some reduced Freeport stuff and a copy of Cracker on DVD. Given I have 6 seasons of Hercules, some Kung Fu, 3 Screenselect DVDs, Prophecy Forsaken and XVids of the 1st season of Scrubs to watch I don't see boredom on that front being a problem.

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