Monday, July 11, 2005

A Scene

I've had the same worryingly similar conversation in 2 months all to frequently. Picture if you will someone with a striking similarity to Captain Rum from Blackadder II. Picture me going with the nom-de-plume that is my Confirmation name, that of Edmund, and you're there.

Rum: Aaaaaaahrrrrr Aaaaaaahrrrrr Aaaaaaaaaaahrrrrr. Me laddy.

Edmund: Ah-haah-ah, indeed. So, Rum, I wish to play the Sims now. Farewell.

Rum: Aah-ahhh! [strokes his hand] You have a woman's game, milord! I'll wager that dainty game never weighed corpses heavily upon a muddy floor in Hell or worse.

Edmund: Well, you're right there. No-one dies in the Sims. It's a game of building houses, interior decoration and genetics.

Rum: Ha ha ha. -Aah! Your Sims milord. I'll wager it ne'er felt the lash of a burglar, been rubbed with flies, and then drowned in their neighbour's swimming pool to make a nice little gravestone.

Edmund: Goodbye you stark raving looney. The Sims is a man's game as well as a woman's game.

Net story - the Sims is a bloke's game! Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Rum is correct, Sims is a GIRL's game.

Stuart said...

Damn you anonymous - you win this time!

Anonymous said...

I really can't figure out what on God's green Earth you're burbling about today Dr Stu, so all I will say is I, personally, like playing The Sims. But according to my lovely long-haired husband I'm not 'a proper girl'.