Friday, July 15, 2005

Meal of the Month

Had the worst lunch today. I went to a pub round the corner from the uni for lunch, after having given a brief presentation of a prototype for my latest project and helped start to rearrange my office. Rearranging the office has been a real job, we've had meetings with our boss, with the HoD, with the systems guys, with one of the systems chaps and so forth so it has eaten up a lot of time this week. Entire afternoons have disappeared.

Anyway, if you can imagine the things in the Red Dwarf episode "Polymorph" that tries to strangle Lister you've a pretty good idea of what my spicky chicken looked like. 2 medium sized tentacles on a plate, with sauce on the side. For £4.

The pub dude told me there was no salad left in the pub. He asked if I wanted chips on the side. Then he told me they had no chips. Then he asked if I wanted ciabatti. And he gave me 2 dry pieces of bread.


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