Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tantrums and Tea-Leaves

- Things are going well in my new place. I still need a new PC, but I also need a holiday more, so that's on the back burner for now.

- At the office a certain someone there threw a massive tantrum yesterday. After being away for 2 weeks during which time we were redecorating the office he discovered yesterday that the old tatty campus map we keep in the office has been thrown out. We're also trying to tell him to throw out the 20 or so massive accountant-folders (with memos dating back to 2001) and books like "Learn Access 2.0", "Learn Turbo Pascal" and some of the 6th Year Studies Computer Science textbooks I used in 1997 but he's insisted he needs them and on building a wall out of them between me and him.

The map was the final straw and sent him into a childish tantrum. He moved in all the old shelving we'd moved into a pile to be collected by the porters and is using them to stack his precious folders on. He's yelled at the poor fella who threw out the map to get him a replacement. This is the one co-worker who insisted we treat all his stuff with respect. So in general he's being an unpleasant S.O.B.

- In order to take the mick out of said prat I insisted on bringing in a piece of the rest of the detritus (bits of wood etc.) we also threw out and put smiley faces on them because they're so precious to me, Gollum! I have a photo of one of these essential bits of office furniture.

- The DVDs that were delivered to my old place have been opened by painters who are doing up the place. So far my landlord has located 2 of the disks, but the third one is nowhere to be seen.

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