Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lazy Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend aside from a few minor ups-and-downs. I've spent watching TV, DVDs and trying to fix my sick PC. Spent most of yesterday enjoying Sky+ and Monty Python Live in Aspen, and introduced my house mate to Lord of the Ring the Board Game. Today I tried to go swimming only to discover the local swimming pool is for local people (it's a private gym the all-too-eager-to-help wifie on the gate told me).

I've also discovered Colin Baker's Doctor Who is not too great. The Doctor is a pillock, and after regenerating into Colin is a homicidal maniac. His companion is a snivelling wretch named Peri who shows all the fortitude and wit of a battered wife.

Tonight's entertainment is Lord of the Rings Risk.


Anonymous said...

And will you callously sacrifice your flatmate to Sauron like you did me on Xmas eve? Eh? EH?

I went to the beach today. Hurray for St Andys. Boo for the open, and bloody T in the park, meaning my journey took forever and parking was a nightmare.

Oh sorry were we not talking about me?

Stuart said...

Mmmm... beach. One of the many things I miss. That and a reasonable temperature.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit harsh on old Col and Peri. It's a very different Doc from Pete's and they wanted that to come accross as much as possible. They palyed that up as much quite a bit in the post regen instability period. Give some of the other stories a chance and you'll find that Col makes quite a good, if different Doctor.

Stuart said...

I've watched 2 CB omnibuses now and my comments still stand. The last one was the bizarre Lytton-beneath-London episode.

Also the stories are really oddly structured. In that the whole Earth bit with the bizarre coppers was completely redundant, and the whole thing with the 2 guys trying to nick the cyberman head was also completely pointless to the whole plot since they and the jewel thief got shot trying to escape.

Most stupid bit was when Peri started whimpering when the doctor nearly fell down the whole into the sewers.