Monday, July 04, 2005

Too Evil

It finally happened. I found a roleplaying supplement I term too nasty to the players for my taste. I'm referring to a Warhammer supplement I picked up in Dundee last week.

The heroes set off a suspiciously Lord of the Ringsesque finale to destroy an artifact they found. And if they do all the heroes who used the artifact die in very very painful ways. Not much can happen if the PCs refuse to find them, and yet if they've played by the rules and stuck to the plot etc. they wind up getting horribly screwed. And they have to use the artifact to trigger the story! Worse it's possible for the 4 heroes dying to cause the death of every other hero in the party!!

As a bleak end to the campaign or a movie it works - but it seems really arbitrary and could leave a bad taste in everyone's mouths. And I guess it means no game next week. ;)


Anonymous said...

I take it in all your moving excitement you forgot to shout 'happy anniversary' to Herr and Frau Campbell Kiddie?

chuh, some best man you are....

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Gregor and Mary! See, I remembered.

1st Anniversary is Paper, interestingly enough. You've a few years to go before you can actually get anything decent out of the deal. I thought about getting you an origami rooster, but decided you'd probably not be able to find a use for it.

Here's the traditional anniversary gifts and a few suggestions of what you can expect as presents.

2nd: Cotton (A moist blob of cotton wool, suitable for growing water cress in. Delicious)

3rd: Leather (insert smutty innuendo here)

4th: Fruit (see, even if your first three years of marriage are a miserable struggle, at least you'll have a bowl of fruit to look forward to at the end of it)

5th: Wood (a golf club)

6th: Iron (a golf club)

7th: Wool (hilarious novelty knitted golf club cover)

8th: Pottery (a pot I suppose)

9th: Willow (delightful poster of Alyson Hannigan)

10th: Tin (of beans, if you're lucky)

...and so on until Silver Wedding Anniversary of 25 years. Hang in there!

Stuart said...

Well maybe if you answered your phone I might've. :)

Anonymous said...

Err possibly big G and I had OTHER THINGS to do on our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY??? *Nods pointedly at Steve's 'smutty innuendo' comment*

And believe me, you wouldn't want to hear Big G on the phone while he's doing the nasty....

Mucho thanks for the tips Steve, that's Big G's prezzies sorted for the next few years....especially looking forward to 2006- that's the catering taken care of too! Woo hoo!

Stuart said...

Well, that's my lunch ruined...