Saturday, July 30, 2005

Citadels of Gold

Just had a couple of games of Citadels, a German game I was introduced to by Mr. T. of this parish. Very good game - well worth checking out. I lost both times, though I was the first to have got to 8 territories.


SixFoot Hobbit said...

Is that the one that Torsten introduced us to with the Assasin, Thief, Mage, Bishop, King, Merchant, Architect and Warlord?

Stuart said...

That's the one - plus a ton of new cards as well. Don't you have a copy of it as well?

SixFoot Hobbit said...

Yep. Just checking that it was the same game. I endorse it fully. The new cards don't add anything to the game so I don't use 'em myself.