Sunday, May 29, 2005

This has been a warm few days in Leicester. On Friday I thought I had a fever again, but it turned out it was just the humungous temperature around here and the sun. I had to switch my fan on in the office it was so humid. Of course as I walked home around 6pm (after I went to the gym - I figured if I could work out on a day like this I could work out any time I want) and thought to myself I could catch some rays in the park the sun promptly hid behind a cloud.

Saturday was quite warm, but not quite as warm. I got invited to a BBQ and met some new fun folk, which is always good, though I was feeling a little tired for some reason. Which is good because it's another long Bank Holiday weekend, not long enough to go back up north, but long enough to start talking to walls over the lack of social contact in my area.

Today was very cool, but quite nice. Did some shopping, bought some towels for ludicrously high amounts of money and discovered when it comes to buying games I'm your man, but send me to buy a pair of shorts, some towels or anything clothes related and you'd better allocate a few hours.

And I have tomorrow off... yippeee!

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