Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's a Frickin' Great Big Worm Man!

Ok - here's the heart warming story of one man's battle against his childhood fears.

I play computer games. Probably too much. I always have done, except until recently when I was either to busy or had a life. Now I play computer games a lot more.

I own a PC now. I used to own a Commodore 64 and then a Commodore Amiga. I played games on my C64. One of them was "Beyond the Forbidden Forest". You played an archer who had to run through a 3D forest shooting bad guys (not bad, 3D in a game in the early 1980s). It was the sequel to Forbidden Forest, which you did pretty much the same thing in, but in 2D.

The only difference is that Beyond the Forbidden Forest had really scary monsters and gory death scenes.

Like a fricking massive scorpion that just appears without warning!

Or, what really did my nerves in, a fricking massive worm that came out the ground and ate you (not pictured above but it's out there somewhere dammit!)

And Demogorgon appeared in it too, but I never got that far. I was like 9 man. Massive worms appearing out the ground and devouring you while the music changed like in a horror flick and really scare a guy and I think they've left deep-rooted scars.

Anyway couple of weeks ago I picked up a C64 emulator CD with BTFF on it. I'm amazed how scary it is, I frequently start to boot it up and during the slow and accurate emulation of it loading feel a bit nervous and decide to boot up another more kiddy-friendly game like Outrun, which is stupid considering I play games like Resident Evil, Doom 3 etc. that are infinitely more scary.

It's official - I'm a wuss! But tonight I venture into the pixelized Forbidden Forest to kill demogorgon - or play Outrun.


Anonymous said...

Is this post your way of telling us you're gay?

Stuart said...

:) :) :)

No, this was my post saying I'm afraid of big worms that burrow...

Dammit! Never mind! ;)