Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Message for you sir!

I came home last night to discover that a large box had been delivered to me containing those 8 books I'd bought online.

I've had 3 parcels delivered to the dump in the past month. Each and every one of them has not been delivered through my tiny-porthole that is allegedly a mailbox. Each and every one of them has said, "We're sorry you were out. We tried to deliver a parcel at "insert time I left the house + 1 hour". It's true - the first parcle came at 10:30 (I left around 9:00), the second at 11:30 (I left around 10, I was at the uni 'til 6pm though). Fortunately I picked them up at the weekend, and this latest one was left with my new neighbours who've moved in next to me. Very kind of them to save me another trip to the post depot.

Like my other neighbours I can hear them far too loudly through the paper thin English terraced house walls. It didn't take me long to discover the new additions had a baby. Humorous tangent - I was locking my door on Tuesday when I discovered a levitating baby head staring out of the adjacent doorstep, about 2 feet away. Needless to say I was a little surprised but it turned out to be the mother slowly walking out into the street holding her kid.

I digress but I should go on about my neighbours at some point, including Yorkshire Batman. But that is a post for another day.

The box had a ton of WFRP books including "Death on the Reik" and "Power Behind the Throne". I sat up last night reading the latter as I'd been looking forward to it the most. PBtT has to be the single most intricate and clever scenario I have read in a while. Court intrigue, drug addictions, sordid affairs all of which ultimately threaten the stability of the empire and are all laid bare to clever PCs. It's a genius of a scheme that Emperor Palpatine would be envious of. Fall-guys for the fall-guys, puppet-mastering and so on. The only problem with the module is it relies on the heroes showing initiative and investigating something which to swordjollies isn't that interesting. In about 3 weeks I've collected all the decent parts of the Enemy Within campaign (except the one which allegedly stinks). To be honest I wish I'd done this when they were cheaper (though I got most of the books for £10 a pop except Empire in Flames).

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