Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Rare Saturday Post

Ah, the joys of flat hunting. I phoned up my first possible the other night, who sounded really nice until we discussed when I could view the place. Every time I suggested she was either working, meeting colleagues etc. Then when I told her I was paid up in my existing place until the 31st of June (which I'd originally mentioned in my module) she quite cheerfully told me that this was a problem as she had other interested parties, but I could just pay her the rent for June and move in at the end of that month. I thought I'd discuss this with her when I meet her, but I summarised my thoughts when I hung up and said, "Bollocks to that" given I have over a month to plan my next move and this is the first place I've considered properly.

The other person sounds a lot more promising. Given it is £320 a month for a room in a fully furnished flat, all bills paid including Sky digital and broadband I am very tempted and this person actually read my initial email enquiring about the place.

In other news my mobile phone is now fixed. Of course I had no messages on it from people outside of Leicester (feel the love, sniff sniff). I now have the joy of owning two mobile phones, the one I own and the one my parents gave me to get cheaper call rates darn sarth.

Anyway I'm off to play D&D now, like all cool dudes should on a Saturday night.

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