Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I 'av been mostly playing

Beyond the Forbidden Forest: Killed demogorgan, wasted the worm (trick is not to run away, it always appears at one of the 8 cardinal points). End of childhood trauma.

Sims 2: Same as the previous game really, but with better graphics and AI. I was going to post the scary story of the serial killing McNasty Sims but they were drowned in the same pool as their victims.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time I played the original Prince of Persia (i.e. before 3D became cool) and I recognise elements in this. It's really quite good, I spent a lot of yesterday playing it. You play a Prince who unwittingly releases an undead plague, the deadites can only be killed by the magic dagger in your possession. Oh and it lets you reverse time (only by a few seconds but enough to make me wonder why I didn't reverse time so I didn't unleash the undead plague). The main character moves like Buffy, which is just as well as stabbing the prone undead with the dagger leaves you incredibly vulnerable.

Your lives are the ability to reverse time, even after you die. Unfortunately sometimes this doesn't really help or if like me you accidentally release the button you can use 2-3 lives at a time.

Nice game though.

Hitman: Couldn't even do the tutorial. It kept saying Mission Failed after I wasted some security guard even though I had no idea what the guy was doing in the tutorial, and he shot me first!

Half-Life: Shoot-em up. Not that impressive.


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