Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mayday, Mayday!

I had a long 3 day weekend off this week, in keeping with the University's apparent policy of giving me a holiday every week I work in this place.

Saturday afternoon was a lovely day, probably the best I've seen since I arrived. I discovered I live minutes away from Leicester Castle and Castle Gardens. Dragging my backside away from Sims 2 I went to the park where the May Day festival was in full swing by 2pm. It seemed every Goth, Pagan and Gandalf-look-alike had turned up for the festival, and I wandered around, listened to the folk music, mused on missing the maypole dance and chilled for half an hour. Not much was happening, so I decided after spotting several Frodo Baggins-alikes to wander off into town. I should point out that as a stupid fool I forgot to bring my camera as I could've taken some interesting photographs.

Thankfully there wasn't a wicker man in sight so I snuck off into town and relieved myself of some hard-earned cash by buying more Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books, namely the Bestiary and a compilation of adventures. I'm supposed to be buying myself the Sandstorm supplement to work on a Greyhawk arc, but I can't seem to find the will to invest the £25 when I could be investing it in stuff I actually want.

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