Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I 'av been mostly watching...

Total Recall: Ahnuld at his best. Well - nearly as good as the Running Man.

Millennium: Still plodding along at snail's pace through this depressing show I am now on season 2, where things begin to lighten up a tiny fraction, but it is still for the most part suicidely depressing. Somehow Satan Got Behind Me is one of the most darkly funny episodes of a TV show I've ever seen though - 4 demons in a doughnut shop that appear as cranky old men to everyone except Frank Black.

The Hunted: Christopher Lambert versus Ninja in modern day Japan. Those ninja have no chance!

Star Wars Episode 3: See below.

Teenage Ninja Turtles: I'd like to say it came on TV, but screenselect.co.uk sent me this.

Doctor Who - The Curse of Fenric: Just what the heck was this about? I rented one of the old Doctor Who episodes with Sylvester McCoy (remember I don't like Dr. Who, at least not the old stuff). This was totally incomprehensible. The Doctor and Ace seemed to run from location to location in an old WW2 army base/village with vampires, Russian soldiers and a bottle I never quite caught the significance of. Ace manages to tell Fenric how to defeat the doctor (going to the trouble of running around said village for no real reason) but the doctor does some clever mind-fecking and wins.

Not as good as Christopher Eccleston by a long shot.

Robin And Marian: Sean Connery as an aging Robin, with Audrey Hepburn as Marion. Maybe it's me but this didn't do it for me. The Sherriff seems like a decent fellow who gets killed by Robin in a fair fight, Robin is a looney who gets what he deserves and his merry band is pretty much wiped out. Depressing.

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