Sunday, May 15, 2005

No Place Like My Old Flat

Went and looked at a potential house share today. The chap was very friendly, we talked about sci-fi and games for about 45 mins and rent stuff for about 15 mins. We got on so well he's given me a tenancy form to look over and consider. The house was in a nice area of Leicester, a short drive from the uni.

The rent was £320 including council tax, playstation 2 (must buy him an eye toy for that), broadband, sky digital, DVD recorder for said digital TV, fully furnished, working shower, garden. This is totally unlike the one I have which you switch on and goes from scaling to freezing (you have to pick your moments to avoid burns). I should point out the rent for "The Dump" is £300 and includes er... the exorcist model shower/flesh burner, some old 2nd hand furniture and an antique TV.

Gee - should I move?


Anonymous said...

Well as long as this guy isn't some sort of gay serial killer, it sounds quite cool!

What's the tennancy agreement like, is he the owner, lead tennant, etc...

Stuart said...

He's the owner.