Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Visitor - Part Deux

After a relatively dull day at work during which time I thought my pa was out shopping I came back to find that he'd cleaned out the entire kitchen so it had that Flash-commerical-like-gleam and bought 3 fruit bowls worth of fruit. He's convinced I'm not eating enough fruit and veg at the moment (which is fairdos) and keeps trying to force-feed me pears, apples, oranges and cups of tea (which as some of you know I freakishly don't drink).

We went out for more shopping last night to get food for two at Morrisons and I bought us a freezer load of food and enough cleaning supplies to clean the place out and get rid of all the nasty odours. With the hot water on in the flat for more than 5 minutes it proved to be a lot easier to clean, so we finished off cleaning the kitchen and started on the bathroom (which was pretty shameful but now looks extra shiny).

I even had the energy to sort through my collection of junk mail, wherein I found a ScreenSelect DVD of Krull, which looks suspiciously like junk mail and could've been sitting there for weeks. Rather than watch that I hooked up the TV and DVD player downstairs and we watched some episodes of Sherlock Holmes and had pizza, chips, the works.

I'm actually really enjoying having someone else stay over in my place. I guess I'm officially all grownup now, but on my own I never seemed to have the energy to clean up the place properly (which it sorely needed initially). Obviously my dad has put the kyposh on watching such cinematic greats as Shogun Assassin again as ironically he detests all fantasy films and sci-fi shows except Lord of the Rings, but the old ITV Sherlock Holmes is pretty cool.

He was due to go back to Dundee on Thursday but I've reminded myself that I have to submit a thesis in Dundee on Monday, so rather than him catching his return train I've suggested we both drive up in the Stu Mobile (the nom-de-plume of my little Corsa which has so far avoided mention in this blog). Dad's happy with this, though Mum's a bit peeved he could've saved money by only getting a one-way ticket.


Anonymous said...

Tell your mum that single-tickets and returns are pretty much the same price.... usually only a pound or two difference (honestly BR is a rip-off).

Stuart said...

He doesn't seem to think so...