Friday, April 08, 2005

Leave Your Menchies There

Ok - boiler has pulled a Lazarus, the panties are in the newly arrived wheely bin as is anything else not belonging to me that shouldn't be there.

I've started working towards finishing my thesis, but the every growing collection of DVDs I've got to watch is also taking up time, as is that thing they call work. Steve sent me a bunch of DVDs in the post along with a picture of my wheelie bin. He's currently beating the people at ScreenSelect who as part of my free trial emailed me yesterday to say they'd sent me a copy of Hawk the Slayer on DVD and then mailed me to say I'd successfully returned it and was now getting Krull (spot a theme here?). All without actually sending me the aforementioned classic Hawk the Slayer DVD. I suspect my 5 free rents will pass very quickly at this rate...

My folks just called to tell me pa is going to get a train down to Leicester on Monday, which should be amusing as he's never travelled more than 5 miles by public transport in years.

In other news I have written as a sample exercise in php a guestbook for people to leave menchies in. It's very primitive mainly as all I really wanted to do was master the basics of SQL and PHP and move on rather than make it pretty. Leave yer menchies there. Or here. Or don't.

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