Sunday, April 17, 2005

No Place Like Phone

So I am back in Dundee this weekend awaiting my submission deadline tomorrow. Hopefully it should be a doddle - print 3 copies of a document and bind it with temporary binders. No doubt it won't be...

The journey back took a long time. We left at 1:30 and arrived in Dundee at 11:30. Admittedly the first 30 miles out of Leicester took 1 hour. The shortcut we took seemed to have shaved off no time whatsoever but my dad drove it at about 50 mph in the dark so it might be better on the way back. Or worse...

In other news my mobile phone is dead. Ironically my dad had bought me a "present" of a new phone he wanted me to change to as it costs him less to call me on it. I told him as I was using my existing phone as my primary contact number any last minute changing of my number would result in people calling me, getting a message phone and me never checking said phone.

The problem is about a day after that my attempts to recharge the battery in my existing phone have failed and now the battery has died. Apparently the charger interface on both my charger and phone are knackered and I need to get a new outer casing. So if you've texted or phoned me this weekend I ain't got it.

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