Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Snails, Yanks, Football and Suspicious White Powder, Oh My!

Returned to Leicester yesterday but took a more interesting route home and only took about 9 hours to do so. I stopped in Jedburgh, my old home town long before I came to Dundee. It's been over 16 years since I visited Jedburgh and it is now a very pretty little town. I even bought two bags of Jethart Snails, the local sweets. Basically they're minty brown sweets shaped like snails and they're sitting on my shelf waiting for visitors to stop by to sample.

After the weirdness of visiting my old home town, including our old house and my old school, I headed on to Newcastle, where I discovered the service station's Burger King had been taken over by Americans.

I finally made it back to Leicester at 7pm in time to discover that every space for a mile round my flat/house was taken up with football fans getting free parking. I had to park at DeMontfort Uni and walk down. To pass time until 10pm (by which time oodles of spaces opened up as the match ended) I watched The Sword and the Sorcerer, a truly awful film. I joke not! Never have I wished for a film to end, only to discover with chilling horror there might be a sequel!

After 10pm I drove my car to Ullswater to unpack only to discover that for some reason my mother had given me a sugar-bin with sugar inside it. Now sugar bins are not the most sealable container so I discovered that as it was at 90 degrees to the rest of the contents of that bag it had spilled over my car boot. I spent about an hour unpacking my boot and removing the boot's floor to try to spill all the sugar on to the street. I also had a coffee-bin full of coffee. I should point out I have both sugar and coffee in my flat. In fact the only thing I need is bread in my bread-bin, was nowhere to be seen.


So don't ask why there is a pavement of suspicious white powder outside my car. Or why all my possessions are coated in sugar.


Doctor Sordid said...

You're from Jedburgh? I never knew that. I'm from just up the road, in sunny St Boswells. Do you know Colin Miller?

Stuart said...

Name rings a bell but it's been 16 years or so.