Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Trials of Stuart Kerrigan, Part Three

Well, the boiler is fixed-ish. It sounds like a motorbike revving and I'm told needs a new fan that is on order, but it provides heat. Apparently the faulty fridge of doom is going to be fixed, as is the all-too-close-to-the-bathroom plug point.

Have you ever seen the Evil Dead movies? You know, the ones with Bruce Campbell in them running around a haunted house/medieval times getting clonked by various demon-infested appliances and yelling like a madman in pain...

I investigated the bathroom last night. The shower works, although it was not fitted to the adjuster properly and upon being switched on at the tap fell down the adjuster and clonked me on the head. It also has 2 settings, too cold and scalding, that I discovered the hard way. And it has what I have dubbed the "Exorcist Feature". In addition to falling down when switched on the shower head also has the amazing ability to rotate 360 degrees, spraying water everywhere and generally wetting all your clothes. Fortunately, after making these discoveries I think I have managed to screw it in place.


Anonymous said...

Given your ties to the catholic church old bean, I assumed you would be able to have an excorcism done no problems... Maybe you should just call the ghostbusters instead!

Stuart said...

I perform all my own stunts and exorcisms dude.