Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Scourging of Dundee

A gruelling 9+ hour drive later, with seemingly every truck/car transport/tractor on the single carrigeway of the A1 delaying me, and a stop at Mussleborough service station, the most inhospitable service station at 9pm, saw me return to Dundee.

It seems someone has hidden Tayport and Fife behind a shroud of mist, dug up the Nethergate roundabouts and more annoyingly dumped another set of traffic cones where I usually park in the Blackness estate.

I've come into my office at Dundee. Someone's deactivated my admin access to my PC, locked me out, disabled my storage space and not allowed me access to burn a backup DVD of all my stuff. Bummer! It's going to take me another 30 mins to burn my DVD. At least they found my acetabular cup...

All I need now is for Christopher Lee and Brad Dourif to be behind it all...

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