Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Long Drive

Being rather bored after being stuck in the flat watching Buck Rogers and Angel I decided around 10:30 to take a drive down to the cheap flat I looked at on Friday to see if the area was in fact a complete dive or filled with junkies on a Saturday night. And to see if I could actually park the car.

Well in one close there was about a half-dozen students all going out for the night, and two wheeler-dealer types having a conversation across the street, but after 5 minutes it quietened down. I didn't park in the street but on the waterfront near the flat. I also noticed all the surrounding flats are not unsurprisingly student flats offering rooms at roughly £45-£60 a week. Quite a few properties were even for sale in the street, which did make wonder slightly, but I got the impression it was ok. I also got the impression people thought I was a policeman or something given I walked up and down the street a couple of times.

What was more disturbing was that thanks to a huge amount of wrong turns and wrong lanes I wound up in Oadby's warehouse district, the centre of Leicester, DeMontfort University campus and didn't arrive back home until midnight. Today I am going to walk down to the waterfront from uni. If nothing else at least its killing time because this weekend has been incredibly boring.

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