Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Could You Turn Right at the Next Junction

I've just filled in a form to be made an invigilator at ECDL (European Computer Driving License) tests. I suspect none of the other demonstrators wanted the job, but if I get my foot in with ECDL it might prove interesting. Failing that teaching word processing and spreadsheets might be a good start to the job rather than teaching, oh, say, advanced C++ data structures with one day's notice.

Given ECDL is going to be lurking around for at least 10 years as it rolls through the NHS with the speed we know and expect this might be interesting.


Anonymous said...

ECDL invigilator? You mean get paid to sit for 15mins while people take a test. Easy money!

As for the NHS - yeah. People are really slow getting their act together :)

Stuart said...

Yeah - but I'd like to do some actual ECDL training as well.