Monday, March 14, 2005

The First Day

First day at work - well, what can I say. Catching the 8:30 bus for the 3 mile journey to work I was a bit surprised to be hot-footing it to the CS Building at 8:55 for my 9:00 start. I was also a little bit surprised to find my boss saying he'd wished I'd turned up at 9:30 as he was having a manic Monday. Nonetheless after a trip to HR to confirm via birth certificate and NI card I am who I say I am puts me firmly in the "being paid" category at the university. The rest of the morning was spent filling out the oodles of paperwork you need for a staff card, swipe card, campus account, computer science account and library card.

Library card deserves special mention thanks to Sharptooth the Librarian, as I have nicknamed her for her fangs. She was more than a little unwilling to allow me to join the library. She wanted a letter of acceptance as proof. Only problem is said letter is sitting in my room in Dundee, and I'm oddly enough unprepared to go to Dundee just for a letter. Not even a letter from my boss could assuade her otherwise. So two trips to the library and no card to pick up.

By afternoon, just by quitting time in fact, I got my username and password to login. Yay!

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