Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Doing it yourself...

Starting to get into a routine with regards to getting the bus in the morning. There's no parking on campus y'see. It seems, barring one chap, most of the other guys stagger in around 10am and leave around 5ish, which is swell as that's been vaguely my routine as a student. For the first couple of days I've been a little lonesome, although the chaps have done everything to put me under their wing. I'm looking into joining some roleplaying up here before I go cuckoo. I also got a list of flats in the area - I am tempted by a £470 a month flat, with a view to getting someone else in the flat and sharing. £235 a month is pretty cheap near the uni!

I even managed to get a copy of my acceptance letter from HR and mollify Sharptooth.

Oh - and I broke the freezer compartment trying to get my ice-cream out of it. Er... d'oh? Well - it's structurally intact apart from the outer part of the freezer box is split in 2. Wasnae me guv!

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