Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Morning After

Woke up surprisingly rested this morning and spent the morning pottering around the flat, doing odd jobs before finally deciding to go out into the big bad world I'd lost myself in. I drove into Leicester City Centre, thanking the heavens I had a car. Driving by day is surprisingly relaxing given that Leicester centre is full of speed cameras in 30 MPH zones. Apparently this nets the city father's a hefty £750k according to the paper in front of me. In addition there are signs that light up saying Slow Down if you exceed 30 MPH. I triggered one last night - I hope I didn't get caught speeding by the cameras. Mind you I'm convinced I triggered dozens of these things on the journey yesterday!

After visiting the Shires shopping centre, Leicester's answer to the Overgate I bought myself a ton of bachelor-chow (tm) and scuppered back up to the flat. It's so quiet here I am going mad. I even spent my Sunday writing my latest MIUA paper from my thesis, dodging doing any work on the real thing you'll notice.

Bachelor-chow in the form of roast beef tastes very good apparently but I am very bored and sorely lacking any form of company. On the other hand this has left me free to watch Buck Rogers on DVD and contemplate the eternal question - why does Buck feel, whenever he is in casual clothing, the need to show his chest hair. Does Gil Gerard think we are impressed by this? Is the ruined and desolate Earth of the 25th Century so warm that prolonged concealment of the chest could be detrimental to Buck's health?

Thank goodness I'm not going peculiar. ;)

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