Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Return of the Dude

Yet another witty post title...

Good times in Dundee just hanging out and seeing everyone. I actually felt a bit of a mook being up after only 10 days away, but hopefully I should be back up in April to submit the "one true thesis".

Saw lots of some folk and curiously little of others and discovered hell's waiting room while catching a taxi at 3am in Dundee. Just when you think you're almost there it turns out the guy in front has 20 mates that seem to be push in front. But that is the price of a good calzone isn't it.

For those of you not educated in the ways of fine cuisine like myself a calzone is in fact a folded pizza with the delicious pepperoni (or whatever's your poison) topping kept fresh in a layer of hot tomatoy goodness. Who says this blog isn't educational?

It was also good having a TV to watch. Caught the new Doctor Who and a detailed and intelligent commentary will follow since everyone seems to be reviewing it.

Loaded the car up with essentials such as my DVD player, a spare TV and so forth in preparation for the coming move this week. It took me 10 hours to get home but about 1 hour of this was spent frantically trying to find Oadby or the City Centre, neither of which are particularly well sign-posted. Finally unpacked collapsed around 9ish to order some fish and chips.

A little survival tip in England - never ask for a large portion of chips. What I got was HUGE. A meal for 2-3 in itself.

Today's ordeal involves getting to the bank (I don't know where it is so I guess it will take roughly 2-3 hours to find) and paying my deposit on the flat. Try not to mug me today, I'll only be carrying a small fortune in cash.

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Anonymous said...

Well when the taxi came and we finally made it home,I thought there was a good chance Steve would be kidnapped by the two chavs from Carnoustie and raped repeatedly, but unfortunately this didn't happen!

Also... You found the front door keys to your parents house yet? heh...