Friday, March 18, 2005

A Roof, My Kingdom for a Roof

Apparently the university, in addition to giving me 38 days off (week days, so that's over 7 weeks of holiday) insists I take religious holidays (if they can be called that given it's Easter and Xmas I'm talking about). No-one mentioned this to me previously but I apparently get Thursday-Monday off next week. This is great I suppose in that I can go home, see everyone etc. but it's also a little annoying as the halls I am paying silly amounts of money to stay in will be empty over Easter. It also means I overlooked the fact that every letting agency in Leicester will be shut from Thursday-Monday next week.

With this in mind I trudged up Queen's Road today to try to rent a property. The first, and only, place I visited today had a 4 bedroom flat for £300 a month on offer. Apparently it was meant as a 4 person flat for students but is lying empty so my £300 a month will cover the mortgage. I've also looked into another property but am waiting to hear back from the letting agency. After a drive down to the flat I found I'd spent 1 hour just visiting that letting agency. I sauntered back to work.

So my goal is to find a place before Wednesday next week, go home, take lots of all that dirty laundry my mother is doubtless missing (joke), take some stuff back down (DVD player maybe?) and all will be well...

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