Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Call of Stuthulu

I went to the student's union again, with some trepadation after the Baywatch incident. As it's holiday time the gangsta rap dude has decided to give his, and my, eardrums a rest and go back to the ghetto that spawned him. In its place is a relatively chilled jazz spilling from the speakers. They've a CD and DVD sale on, being the kind of "5 Films for £9.99" junk that beer and bad movie nights come from, but amongst such great movies I found a copy of Dagon for £4. As I am apparently loaded with cash I've bought this to watch either tonight or when back in Dundee.

A little disturbingly he's wrapped it in a brown paper bag so it does look like I've bought a porn DVD and sat it on my desk. Oh well...

Anyroads I thoroughly expect this to be a bad movie. This adaption of Call of Cthulu looks to be a lot more promising however, and the trailer is well worth a look.

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