Sunday, February 04, 2007

This Weekend I 'Av Been Mostly...

Making the most of things - as it appears I will be working the next two weekends. Then after that I intend to be mostly recovering from getting older. I'm going to be 27, but at least I won't be 28 and thus no-longer mid-20s. So before it's time to start running the carousel I had a fairly good weekend despite impending old age - visiting Coventry and spending a ridiculous amount of time shopping in its game shop, Bishop Games.

In addition I played poker, and didn't suck entirely. I even went to a party and had a student there who insisted on calling me sir all night and asked me for advice on alcohol. Much drunkeness, thankfully not all mine.

I've been playing Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast. I loved the original Outrun and Turbo Outrun on my C64 and recently had the chance to play the arcade and missed it. The new fangled Outrun is a little too bells-and-whistles for my liking, clearly overly influenced by Ferrari too much, but it plays similar to the original and it's nice to play a gmae that doesn't take a month to complete.

I've also been playing Oblivion - or more accurately it's Knights of Nine expansion. Oblivion has the problem of getting very repetitive, though Knights of Nine was a fun distraction it seems I basically reformed a knighthood that now sit around drinking tea and thinking about doing things. In addition to doing the data disk I've nearly completed the main plot and am the dizzy heights of level 4 - I'm beginning to think my OOO path is reducing my advancement rate.

ITV 4's doing a John Carpenter season and for the first time I watched the original Fog. 100 years after the founding fathers of a town destroyed a leper colony and half-inched its gold the Nazgulish lepers come back in some magical fog. Obviously The Thing is regarded as his best, but I'm waiting for Prince of Darkness to come back on. Physicists vs. the Devil in a weird science-meets-religion-fest with Alice Cooper thrown in.

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