Monday, February 12, 2007

The Doctor Who Code

Season 1 had Daleks, Season 2 had the Cybermen, so it makes sense Season 3 has the Master right? Well apparently so as the Sun, Metro and the Independant report John Simm of Life on Mars is to play the Master. (Also purely by coincidence a Master boxed set of Tom Baker/Peter Davidson episodes has just been released).

This means there have been (arguably) six people to play the Master:-

Master 1 - Roger Delgado, moustache twirling Bond villain.
Master 2 - Peter Pratt, zombie with pingpong eyes.
Master 3 - Geoffrey Beevers, still a zombie but played by someone else
Master 4 - Anthony Ainley, moustache twirling pantomine villain.
Master 5 - Eric Roberts, of the McGann movie
Master 6 - John Simm?

Also, Mister Saxon is an anagaram of "On Master Six".

Cunning eh? And yet, given the lack of sophistication Bad Wolf and Torchwood metaplots I suspect this is too clever by half and probably not true. But it's scarily coincidental nonetheless...


Doctor Sordid said...

Hmm, not seeing this, but maybe just because Simm looks too young to grow a bloody beard! Still, good reasoning, sir, so no reason why not.

Stuart Kerrigan said...

Eric Roberts didn't have a moustache either to be fair, and that was one good thing about his performance!

Doctor Sordid said...

Thinking about it, that'd be "Master no. (as in number) six", then?