Thursday, June 16, 2005

This week I 'av been mostly watching...

Prince of Darkness: A group of physics students are asked to investigate this strange gravity defying green liquid in a bottle that has been sequestered in an old church and only recently found with the death of an old priest. They take Donald Pleasance with them. It turns out the green liquid is Satan and it starts possessing the various students. Damn freaky film - I haven't seen such a scary horror film in years!

Gattaca: Thought provoking film where future society determines you're position based on your genetic make-up. Lowly genetically unenhanced Ethan Hawke wants to be an astronaut so he has to pretend to be of the highest calibre of genetics.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Terry Gilliam at his best.

Cube Zero: Prequel to the amazing film Cube. Much better than the sequel Hypercube. This time we watch the watchers of the cube and it's pretty interesting. Not as good as the original though!

Millennium: Yup - he's still catching those serial killers only now it turns out the Millennium group were behind everything and are evuulll, despite the fact they seemed ok until about half-way through season 2. And his wife died. In a viral outbreak that killed 80 people. Which the Millennium group is responsible for apparently. I still don't understand.

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