Thursday, February 22, 2007

Age, Juju and Fuzz

It's been a while since I posted an update saying how things are going. Mainly because it'd be a long rambly post and because I was waiting for something interesting to happen to blog about.

Things are going good - in fact I was going to reflect how things are much better they are than this time a year ago. Tomorrow's my birthday and in honour of this the university has decided to host a beer festival. (Actually I'm pretty certain they were going to have one anyroads, but allow an old man his senile delusions).

Work has seen its fair share of bad juju - but the juju has been aimed at someone deserving for being a pain in the backside for 2 years. I'll make a long ranty post about it sometime.

I saw Hot Fuzz on Wednesday with some chums - actually quite a lot of chums. It's very, very good - the first half is quite slow but the second half is cinematic brilliance and the idea of Lethal Weapon type cop films being transplanted into southern English villages works on so many levels. I'd say it tops Shaun of the Dead, but that may be the post-cinema afterglow talking.

Anyroads, that is for me to be honest - beer tomorrow, followed by Tapas which will hopefully rival the ones in Glasgow's merchant city.

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Doctor Sordid said...

Happy Birthday, old man. Well, young man, from my perspective, but you know what I mean.