Saturday, June 18, 2005

Busy Busy Busy!

Haven't been blogging recently as I spent most of Friday on a university induction day. Long talks on equality policies, a game session to get us to find out info about the university and me asking a question on how to obtain a GP through the Uni that got everyone on the panels riled, sent 2 people running out the room and

I'm currently studying for my viva. Well, not right now, but I've done 3-4 hrs today of reading the entire box of papers I brought down with me. Abstract and conclusion only though for my sanity.

It's been ludicrously warm here. I've got my desktop fan on. The house has been unbearably smelly and infested by creepy-crawlies for some reason. I've had to open all the windows and clean everything in the kitchen, even using very dilute turps and water to mop up the floor (it was all I could find) on the tiled floors.

Also - Chris Eccleston won't be in the Dr Who Xmas Special I guess. Bummer. Nice writeout though.

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