Friday, June 24, 2005


I'm still in my viva technically. We're on lunch break, with the examiners getting sandwiches and me suitably separated with a university lunch in the labs blogging away.

It's not going too bad despite the following things

- Someone stole the bus stop at the bottom of Balmossie Street which was mildly vexing.
- Someone spilled permanent marker all over my white shirt.
- My mobile has died again - the charger ripped the charge interface clean out of the mobile so I have 25% battery until I can get it fixed, or more likely get a better phone with free phonecalls and texts like everyone else.

Some of the questioning has been a bit gruelling, some of it has been a case of explaining things over again, but I think I'm getting there. And I have a lot of corrections to do... Apparently the damn thing's difficult to understand! But curiously I seem to be enjoying myself - the banter is actually kind of fun!

More when I return for the last part, which is meant to be quite short, and then face the verdict soon. Fingers crossed!

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