Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Appearing on TV Near You

Check BBC1's TV show "Bailliffs" in the next few weeks and you might see me on it.

Yes, coming into the house yesterday I stumbled on an "open this - don't ignore it" order for a Mr. John Mceever saying he'd not paid his council tax and that they were coming to seize his goods.

Obviously this vexed me, and after a somewhat irate call to the Lettings Agency I am told it is resolved and is a case of the council being too lazy to notice there's a new tenant.



Anonymous said...

either way I'd let the bailiffs know, just so you don't come home and discover they've legged it with your DVD collection!

Stuart said...

I've put a note in the window.

Anonymous said...

lol @ 'note in the window'

what does it say? 'Go away- Mr Whatsisface doesn't live here'?


'please don't nick my stuff'?

Stuart said...


Anonymous said...

The note says:

"Bailiffs: if you are here about John McGeever, he doesn't live here anymore so leave my stuff alone.

If you are here about Stuart Kerrigan, then help yourself.

Burglars: I know this note is essentially broadcasting to the criminal underworld that there is nobody in at the moment, so please just ignore it.

Thank you,
Stuart Kerrigan"