Friday, June 03, 2005

Nottingham, No Service and Nietzsche

Well I'm off to sunnier? Nottingham for the weekend for Sarbreenar Lives against my better judgement. I keep hearing how brilliant Sarbreenar is compared to LG (despite the fact they nicked our plotline and now our venue) but I have yet to be convinced. Since this is meant to be the best of their events (and a 40 minute drive away) I have high expectations (though I'm only a lowly 3rd level peon, it is possible I might be totally unengaged throughout the scenarios, or killed very swiftly allowing me to visit Travelling Man).

Annoyingly I don't have any of my LARP stuff since pots and pans are more useful than a green medieval tunic (which I think makes me look like Da Vinci rather than a warrior) so I will be plains clothing it. I expect to take lots of photos of other weird people, including the all-to-eager to cross-dress male players with female player characters.

I got soaked to the skin today making an observation: the Leicester branch of the Bank of Scotland is fecking useless. Twice now I have turned up at great effort (I finengled getting out of work at 3pm) to go the bank before it closed. On both occasions I've been told by the teller she cannot deal with my query. In this case it was to set up a bank transfer for my rent, the last time it was to obtain a print out of my bank statements. Now the former should, in my opinion, be relatively trivial for a bank, but they keep directing me to the phone banking services.

I dallied at Forbidden Planet on the way home, read the entirety of Star Wars Infinities: Empire Strikes Back (a cunning graphic novel - they change one event in the trilogy and take it from there. In this case Han's tauntaun freezes to death before he can find Luke so poor old Luke dies of hypothermia) and as penance discovered it had begun pouring it down and both my jackets were either at home or work.

On another note I have resumed reading the Da Vinci Code and got involved in a conversation with the gym instructor about it, criminology and Nietzsche. In fact he thought I was a psychologist. People down here have the impression I'm some sort of intellectual. Thank goodness the charade is working!


Anonymous said...

I scoff at your spelling of Nietzsche.

And hurry up and post the photos of weirdy English cross-dressers already! As a fellow Jock I'm feeling the need to exert my moral superiority over someone...

Oh and btw I'm saving up my Flora 'half-price entry to Alton Towers' vouchers and assembling an army of garden gnomes so be warned :-)

Anonymous said...

Your misspelling has caused all manner of confusion! I assumed you were talking about Jack 'Specs' Nitzsche, renkowned writer of the novelty hit "Bongo Bongo Bongo", and soundtrack virtuoso responsible for the scores of such films as The Exorcist, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and 9 and a Half Weeks.

Though quite how he ties in with Psychology, criminology, and the Da Vinchi Code is anyone's guess.

Stuart said...

Screw you guys, I'm going home. :)

Once I get the gnomes.

No crossdressing photos sadly, but I have some in my archive of fear from the last time I went to Nottingham for such a thing. I'll dig out them out especially.