Wednesday, June 29, 2005

There and Back Again

I'm back - having left far far far too late in the day on Monday, around 12ish. About 9pm I returned to Leicester in the biggest thunderstorm I've ever seen (probably minor for down here). I dropped off a lot of my stuff at my new gaffe, looking and feeling a lot like a burglar in my rain coat (not to mention the constant illumination of the storm) and then went to the Ullswater Dump to watch TV, eat healthy stuff like Pot Noodles and generally kip at around 1am.

It was quite weird being home to be honest. Not much had changed. The roads were more of a mess. That's it really - a good chance to see folk, though a surprising number of folk were on holiday or otherwise engaged for those 5 days. Even the swimming pool was closed for that week exactly.

Oh and I got some photos of Jedburgh on the way home (and some Jethart Snails) to upload in the next couple of days.

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