Thursday, June 09, 2005

Steven Speilburg Best Director of All Time?

Empire Magazine in their infinite wisdom has named Steven Speilburg the best director of all time. Am I the only one who thinks Stevie hasn't made a really cracking good film since the 80s or early 90s? AI was ok, Minority Report ditto, the Terminal was too much a mainstream heart-warming Tom Hanks comedy and War of the Worlds doesn't exactly scream "Classic!" to me.

Similarly George Lucas is further down the food chain but there's something disturbing to me about a director who insists on using CGI for every bally scene. Thinking back every shot in Episode 3 seemed to be CGI. Heck there's even a shot in Empire of George digitally adding the backdrop of Padme's apartment to Ep3. Why the heck not just pay the dosh and build the set George?

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