Saturday, August 01, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 1: Forthcoming Game You're Looking Forward To

Sadly most of the RPG stuff I'm really passionate isn't in print anymore. No new Greyhawk, Ravenloft, WFRP. D&D 5E doesn't seem to have a lot of forthcoming releases that grab my fancy. That said I'm most looking forward to the last edition of Lamentations of the Flame Princess's DM Book.

Long overdue, but supposedly it will go long past the standard DMG filler. James Raggi has a great sense of humour and is politically incorrect to the point of endearment. He takes a Death Metal approach to the product, for nowhere else will you find a scenario called "Fuck for Satan" featuring a unique foe.

Plus the book will look gorgeous...

Also his "Example of Play" is the funniest and most accurate I've ever seen in an RPG manual.

Enrico (about the party's henchmen): "What good are they then? Just draining our gold and XP!"
Saara: "And allowing us to carry more treasure out so we’re getting more XP."
Enrico: "If we find any…"
Saara: "And having an extra sword in a fight is always a good thing."
Enrico: "Having one of these guys to take a hit instead of us is a good thing."
James (DM): "You realize you’re having this conversation right in front of them?"

There's about 10 pages of this brilliance in the Grindhouse Edition.

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