Tuesday, August 04, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 4: Most Surprising Game

Definitely had to be Lamentation of the Flame Princess - or more precise the adventure, The Monolith Beyond Time and Space. Oooh boy is there some weird, way out there stuff that really fits the Beyond Time and Space part. I love the mechanism for resolving becoming lost

I'm just going to leave another of Mr Raggi's humorous dialogues here...

Bob (playing Jake the Fighter): So we both see this featureless tunnel?
Referee: Yes.
Sarah (playing Veronica the Specialist): I look at the wall to my left.
Referee: There is no wall. It’s just a passage going forward.
Bob: I have an idea! We get back to back.
Referee: OK…
Bob: Now we will both walk forward, away from each other.
Referee: Sarah?
Sarah: Yeah, I’ll do it.
Bob: After I walk ten paces, I turn around.
Referee: You see a featureless white tunnel going forward into infinity.
Bob: But do I see Sarah’s character?
Referee: Oh yes, she’s right in front of you. Looking at you.
Bob: What?
Sarah: What do I see?
Referee: You were still walking down the passage, right? You don’t see anything, but the passage.
Bob: What? She’s right in front of me though?
Referee: Yes.
Sarah: I don’t see Bob in front of me?
Referee: Well you do now. You are looking at each other now face to face.

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