Friday, August 07, 2015

#RPGaDay 6: Game Last Played

D&D 5th Edition's starter box scenario, ably DM'd by Bruce Cunnington. Not the most serious game, and the part of the scenario we played was a bit of a linear dungeon bash, but it was a lot of fun, though 5th Ed has a lot of changes I'm not sure how I feel about:-
  • Disabling traps and opening locks as a rogue is now somewhat confusing as it is not a skill, but rather a proficiency in thieves' tools (meaning if a thief loses his tools he is at a massive penalty, so no picking locks with a paperclip I guess without your DM's approval).
  • Clerics and mages now choose a subset of their spells to have available, and can choose which of these spells to cast with each of their spell slots.
  • Magic missile is now a room-clearer against smaller monsters, launching 3 magic missiles at 1st level. Cantrips are as deadly as 1st level spells were in 3.5 and they're unlimited use which is dumb.
  • My 1st level Fighter can now heal himself once per day?!
  • All in all 1st level PCs pack quite a punch in D&D 5E, compared to 3.5 (never played 4th). And they were exactly slouches in 3.5

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