Friday, August 07, 2015

#RPGaDay 8 - Favourite Appearances of RPGs In The Media

Finally an easy one - the Gamers films of Dead Gentlemen, all of which are hilarious. These essentially do for Dungeons and Dragons what the Princess Bride does for storytales. Also worth checking out is their Journeyquest series.

DG do seem to be milking the formula (which is fine), as well as milking the old Kickstarter and other crowdfunding ventures by funding repeatedly their projects through it - which is odd as these movies must be making a profit and Gamers 2 onwards has tons of product placement in it (courtesy of Paizo, who sell the DVDs of the film).

The first one, available for free on Youtube (though there is a director's cut) is the best for me. It's a little rough around the edges but all the humour is there.

Dorkness Rising is the sequel. But first the teaser, which had nothing to do with the movie...

... and the movie itself, which is far slicker than the first, but also a bit more preachy, complete with Mary-Sue character Joanna, who seems to be playing a different version of Pathfinder to the one I've read (see 27:20 in the movie below):-
... and its sequel, which has more to do with CCGs than RPGs but is still amusing...

and the spin-offs Gamers: Natural One, where the play a suspiciously *urk* Shadowrunny Cyberpunk game
and the spinoff Humans and Households, about a group of adventurers who gather to play a game set in a fantasy realm of cars, lawyers and white privilege.

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