Friday, August 14, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 13 - Favourite RPG Podcast

When it comes to RPG Podcasts, there's none better than Games From the Perilous Realms podcast. Especially the Scottish guy who DMs every session - I could listen to him all day.

Best podcast EVER... oh never mind, here's the real post...

Actually probably my favourite RPG podcast is RPGMP3 - which is a hub for many podcasts. I was listening to their WFRP: The Thousand Thrones podcast. My thought was I was thinking of running that module but the module's text is tiny, dense and convoluted, so why not listen to someone else's sessions and get the jist of the plot?

Their playthrough doesn't go well - it's amusing, and the DM definitely softballs it. I'd love to be able to pull the DM aside and give him a few pointers on how to handle the PCs when they get themselves stuck due to lack of planning and poor interaction/roleplaying with the NPCs. Something you might get away with in D&D but not in WFRP.

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