Saturday, June 27, 2015

Doctor Stu on Doctor Who

So, new Big Finish stuff is allowed to play with New Series stuff even more than just their UNIT Spinoffs.
  • 8th Doctor & River Song - ok, they never did enough of the romantic stuff with Paul's doctor. Or given him amnesia any time recently...
  • River Song Boxed Set - fine by me.
  • 5th Doctor & Weeping Angels - ok. Dunno how that will work on audio.
  • 6th Doctor & Judoons - my least favourite doctor, paired with an equally forgetful villain, so fine, will probably pass this over.
  • 7th Doctor & Sycorax - interesting pairing.
  • 8th Doctor & Time War Era Sontarans - Interesting again, though Sontarans aren't New Series monsters.
  • The Churchill Memoirs - presumably Ian McNiece doing a series of audiobooks featuring Doctors 9-11. Showing they really need to get the real Tennant, Eccleston and Smith in the studio some day soon!

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