Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sotturm Finished

Here it is - the finished map of Sotturm, a town in Middenland for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay complete with hi-res download here.

Finished Sotturm Map.

Map key is as follows:-

S1. The Count's Holdings
S2. Wolf Pack Tavern
S3. The Garrison
S4. The Temple of Ulric
S5. Garden of Morr
S6. Temple of Sigmar
S7. Shrine to Taal


Claudia said...

Because I'm not a gamer, my questions are things like where are the wells?


Stuart said...

There are 4 wells, including a damaged one in the poor section.

Claudia said...

:) That does sound horribly realistic. Poor peasantry.